Reiki meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’ was founded in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui in the late 20th century. It works on the principle that energy, also known as ‘ki’ or ‘chi’, flows through the body via energy centres called ‘chakras’ bringing balance, health and harmony back to the body, soul and mind.

​Reiki, pronounced RAY-key, uses very light touch applied to the head and body. There is no pressure or manipulation. There need not even be direct, physical touch. It can be both extremely relaxing yet gently energizing, facilitating physical and emotional well-being.

Many people credit Reiki for accelerating their healing, although it makes no claims to cure. Reiki is simply energy which works by harmonizing and balancing the chakras.

Reiki is very effective for:

  • ​Stress/Panic Attacks
  • Tiredness
  • Emotional upheaveal
  • Insomnia

​​During a Reiki treatment you will remain fully clothed, lying on a massage couch. The treatment is conducted through hand placement on or above your body, using intuition to guide energy flow to re-balance the energy body & chakra’s depending on where imbalances lie.

​Balancing the flow of energy can activate the natural healing processes in the body providing a sense of wellbeing & spiritual renewal.

Treatment Prices
1 hour – £35, 1 1/2 hours – £50, 2 hours £60

​We are happy to combine 2-3 different therapies into one session to create a unique ‘Specially for you’ treatment, please contact us for more information.

​Please note that your consultation time is in addition to your treatment time, new clients please allow an extra 30 minutes for your consultation.

​‘Complementary Therapy should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a health professional for medical attention and advice.’